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Malicious Web Ad Infecting Android Phones

Savvy Internet users know not to click on strange links, but malvertising — malicious code hidden within otherwise innocuous advertisements — presents a more pernicious problem.

Credit: Georgejmclittle/ShutterstockCredit: Georgejmclittle/Shutterstock

A new malvertising campaign isn’t content to just redirect your web browser to unsafe sites. If you’re using an Android phone, it downloads and installs an Android app that can compromise your entire phone, with no known panacea. The trap is easy to avoid, but once it’s sprung, it’s sprung for good.

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This information comes from the Zscaler ThreatLabZ team, a San Jose, California-based security firm. Zscaler discovered the issue by scouring the Godlike Productions forums, a hotbed of UFO and conspiracy theory activity. For once, the tinfoil-hatted commenters had it right; someone really WAS out to get them, and that someone was a cybercriminal.


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