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Pornhub Launches New Domain to Beat Adult Website Ban in India

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Pornhub is circumventing a new adult website ban in India by launching a mirror site—Pornhub.net—which went online amid reports the country had blocked hundreds of adult entertainment sites.

The ban comes from a local high court, which blamed the alleged gang rape of a 16-year-old girl by several male students on the prevalence of online pornography. “These boys watched porn movies and called the minor girl to the storeroom where she was sexually assaulted,” the court said, according to the Hindustan Times.

Government regulators have now been telling internet service providers to block 827 websites, which include Pornhub and Xvideos.com, two of the biggest porn sites in the world. However, Pornhub claims the ban is unfair. “This is apparent by the fact that they only banned large sites like Pornhub’s, and didn’t block thousands of risky porn sites that may contain illegal content,” VP Corey Price said in a statement.

It isn’t the first time India has tried to ban online pornography. The court’s order effectively revives a 2015 ban on over 800 adult websites. At the time, Indian regulators were also seeking to crack down on children accessing pornography, but government officials quickly reversed the ban following widespread complaints from the public.

It wouldn’t be hard for Indian regulators to block Pornhub’s new domain, but the adult website claims that the country’s earlier 2015 ban ultimately proved ineffective. According to Pornhub, some users in the country were circumventing it by subscribing to VPN services

For the uninitiated, virtual private networks work by encrypting your internet traffic. Not only that, they can also funnel your traffic through a third-party server based in another part of the world. This can allow you to access content normally blocked in your home country.


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Since India began enacting the adult website ban, searches for VPNs have been increasing, according to Google Trends.

“It’s evident that the Indian government does not have a solution to a very serious and systemic problem in the country, and is using adult sites like ours as a scapegoat,” Pornhub’s Corey Price added in his statement. However, the adult video site said it’s offering to work with the country’s government to address its concerns over adult content.

Last year, India was Pornhub’s third largest market by internet traffic, ranked only behind the UK and the US.

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