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About Us


Who we are:

Theonlineservice is one of the top favorite websites for users searching software for their desktops or mobile devices. We offer one of the largest collections of software, applications and such for Windows and other operating systems. Our online catalogue has been analyzed, evaluated, reviewed and rated by a team of internal and external expert editors.

As one of the leading top software download sites in the world in its category, we offer our users localized expert content in thier language, creating user engagement based on tailor made content for each language.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to help users discover and enjoy software to enhance their lives and needs. To do so, we offer a vast catalogue which includes hundreds of thousands of programs. All our software is categorized, rated and reviewed based on a proprietary categorization system and ranked by our users as well as by a local team of expert editors who provide content in multiple languages to users all over the world.


Our Values:

Our strength lies in our values, which are based on credibility, tailor maid and localized answer/solution for each user, responsibility for the services we offer, drive to improve, and the fact that we seek the best interest of the user.