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RoboForm Download

RoboForm is a professional password management application. It maintains information about your login credentials in a safe way and encrypts the information to protect it from unauthorized users. It’s a free tool that you can easily install on your Windows PC. It integrates with a majority of web browsers so that you can save passwords with a single mouse-click.

Software details

Android / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Strong passwords for online accounts significantly reduce the risk of hacking attacks. But it’s another task to create individual strong passwords for each account and then remember them. RoboForm saves you from trouble and helps you manage passwords.

Password Generator

Do you prefer using simple passwords for different accounts? This approach may help you remember passwords, but it creates safety risks! Hackers can easily crack such passwords and steal your personal information.

With the help of RoboForm, you can generate strong passwords. Due to their complex structure, hackers will find it difficult to crack them. After every week or two, you can also update your password.

Save Login Information

Be it an online store, social media site or your online bank account, you need to get registered with your username and a password. Many people tend to use a single password for multiple platforms. This way, they can remember the password with ease.

However, did you know it increases the risk of hacking attacks? If a hacker gets their hands on your password through a phishing scam or by other means, they will be able to access all other accounts with the same password.

You can now store your login credentials with RoboForm interface. Hence you can use different passwords for individual websites. You can integrate it with the web browsers you use and then save the information without hassle.

Bookmark Webpages

When browsing the internet, you may come across certain webpages that you find useful. But when you look for them the next time, you may not be able to find them. To avoid this problem, you should install RoboForm.

It facilitates you to bookmark important webpages. These bookmarked pages can be accessed via its Editor window. You can click bookmarks to access the desired website.

RoboForm Options

RoboForm is famous for its customizable options. You can adjust its appearance and functionalities as per your preference. For instance, you can integrate it with required browsers, limit password length, sync stored information, toggle autofill option, and change master password.

This application also provides you with an autofill option for forms. You can store your personal information and retrieve it as and when needed.

Overall, RoboForm is a handy tool for generating passwords, saving passwords, and bookmarking webpages. It keeps the information safe and provides you access only when you enter the right master password. It’s a customizable desktop application that can easily fit your needs.


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